The Senior Kindergarten programme is designed to build on the learners’ natural inclination to learn. Learners are introduced to various number concepts like shapes, comparisons, patterns, spatial relation, measurement, addition and subtraction. The language curriculum introduces learners to the spoken and written word and fosters an appreciation for books and literature. Since oral language is the basis of literacy, more emphasis is laid on language-based activities that provide opportunities for thinking, problem-solving and experimenting. Through opportunities to listen and respond to stories, children are encouraged to attempt independent writing and reading. The thematic conceptual programme povides the learners plenty of time and opportunity to explore, experiment, and learn about their world and, in turn, to use and stimulate that innate curiosity which is the root of all higher learning. Emphasis on language development, communication skills, creativity, self expression, co-curricular activities fosters self-esteem, confidence and independence within the learners as they bridge the gap towards primary school.