The Nursery curriculum focuses on developing essential Pre-Math, Pre-Writing, cognitive and language skills. Learners listen to and sing nursery rhymes and songs, communicate with others in 1 to 1 conversation, respond to simple directions and use familiar words to express what they want. They gradually develop a vocabulary focused on objects and persons known to them. They enjoy listening to and joining in with stories and poems. They show interest in printed illustrations in books and begin to become aware of the way stories are structured. Their phonic awareness grows to the level that they can enjoy rhyming and rhythmic activities and distinguish one sound from another. They draw and paint, sometimes giving meaning to their scribbles and engage in activities requiring hand-eye coordination. As more complex thinking skills develop, they begin to link cause and effect and to use talk in pretend situations. The thematic conceptual integrated learning is cultivated and it runs in everything they do. Co-curricular activities are a part of the school hours and each day is balanced through the ‘mind-body-soul’ philosophy.